New Danfoss Dealers Wanted

Radiant Supply Group has changed from a Retail Sales Company to a Dealer/Distributor Company. If you are interested in being a Danfoss Dealer, email or call us at 605-999-5425 to see if you qualify for the Dealer Program.

Danfoss Dealer Program through Radiant Supply Group includes, but is not limited to:

Free Danfoss Catalog sent upon request 605-999-5425 or email us.

  • LX Floor Heating Mats & Cable
    Highest Comfort Levels with Maximum Energy Efficiency.

    Timer/Contactor Panels
    Including GFEP protection
  • TX Mats & Cable
    In 6 & 9 watts per lineal ft. offer larger diameter, higher heat output for below floor installation. Typically used in Shops/Basements/ Garage/Industrustrial/ Commercial.
  • GX Snow Melting Mats & Cable
    12 watts per lineal ft. is a permanent solution to the problems caused by cold weather. Improves safety, no chemicals, no machinery, no hiring outside services. Ideal for sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, stairs, ramps, and bridges
  • RX Roof & Gutter Protection

    PX Pipe Freeze Protection

    Comes in fixed wattage or self-regulating.
  • Variety of easy to use and view Thermostats including WIFI compatible

    Automatic Snow Melting Controls
  • For more information on these products, view catalog below: